Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flea Market Finds

After spending the afternoon at a flea market, we came away with several goodies! We bought several things and then took them home to change them a bit!! Here's what we ended up with.
Rectangle Silver Tray..we turned it into a Chalkboard Tray

Antique mirror and frames..they were a gold/bronze color, so we painted them black
We picked up an old window that is 28 x 28 1/2. We have no specific plans for it, so we thought we'd put it for sale on here! We would be glad to customize it any way you would like. We could turn it into a chalkboard or paint a design on it. Email us for details about pricing if you're interested!

Check back in a few days for our newest canvases!!!


  1. I love the ornate frames!!! I think putting a vinyl on the window would be cute...last name, wedding date, etc. Love all your finds!!

  2. hey girls, I did something with just glass and frame that you might try. on the back side of the glass do a frost finish, whether it's just mostly frosted or use a stencil shape to frost. (like a fleur-de-lis, star, letters, etc.) then use the front side for messages. you can use a sharpie or marker on glass then to erase it use a dry eraser or a cloth to clean it. (does this make sense?)