Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Projects

Sorry it's been so long since we last posted...we've been super busy the past month with lots of crafty projects! We've been busy painting canvases and making several wreaths.  Hope you enjoy!  

8 x 8 LOVE Canvas

8 x 8 HOPE Canvas
 This canvas was made for a sweet teacher friend. She had seen a smaller version at a local store and wanted us to recreate it on a much bigger scale. Her son goes to Heritage, so it will look perfect in his blue and orange room!!
36 x 48 Canvas w/ Burlap
The next two were made for another teacher friend. She's been helping a friend decorate her two daughters' rooms..the name canvases were the finishing touches for the rooms.
24 x 36 Canvas

24 x 36 Canvas
We had seen these wreaths made and decided to try them! We absolutelly love how they turned out!!!
Coffee Filter Wreath

Flower Burlap Wreath

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For Sale

We have several items that are already painted that we are selling at a discounted price. There's only one of each, so take a look and email us if you're interested!

9 x 12 ON SALE FOR $12

9 x 12 ON SALE FOR $12

12 x 16 ON SALE FOR $17
(Cross is a light blue paper w/ a polka dot design)

12"Zebra Peace Sign ON SALE FOR $16

6" Purple peace sign w/ribbon ON SALE FOR $7

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day = Craft Day

Since we had several snow days, we used those days off to do some painting. We won't say anymore, just look for yourself!!

10 x 20 Verse Canvas

Bronze Mirrors we painted black
We saved our favorite for last!! We saw a sign with this wording at our cousins' house in Texas and absolutely fell in love with it!!! Ever since then, we have been dying to add it to a canvas!! This was made for our sister Tara.

23 x 36  Canvas

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Many Crafts...So Little Time

We've been busy crafting for our friends, a baby shower, and our sister the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Wooden Initial w/ ribbon

Wooden Initial w/ ribbon

Fabric & Felt Headband

Fabric & Felt Headband
We made this canvas for Tara's house. It's the biggest canvas we've done so far, and it turned out great!

30 x 40

Lindsey co-hosted a baby shower and we came up with a few super cute decorations!

Jaxx Thomas banner w/ yarn and mini clothespins

18 x 24

Hope you enjoyed all of our recent craft projects!